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Based on Colossians 1:10, we desire to:

Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.

Scripture gives us many examples of what it means to walk with God. Scripture says Enoch, Abraham, Adam and Eve walked with God, but what does that look like today? As Christ-followers, we recognize that in our fallen, earthly state we are imperfect, fallible, human beings. But we also recognize that we are made in the image of God and deeply loved by Him. So, what does it mean to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord?

Walking worthy isn't about working harder or trying to earn God's favor. It is all about resting in who He is and who we are in relation to Him. If we are in Christ, we can be sure of our standing before Father God. It has nothing to do with what we have done or will do. When the Father looks at us who are in Christ, all He sees is that Jesus is worthy, and that Jesus died for us to make us worthy too. This knowledge allows us to walk forward free of condemnation and to love and serve Him out of gratitude and love for all He has done.

Walking worthy is leaning into God because He loves you, loving God because He forgave you, and learning to trust Him and His Word.

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Be fully pleasing to God.

Those of us who have experienced the life-transforming power of His grace and mercy - and have received the FREE gift of eternal salvation through Christ - can’t help but be overjoyed and genuinely desire to please Him out of our gratitude.

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Bear fruit in every good work.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we recognize that apart from Him, we can do nothing…but with Him and through Him we can do all things. As we stay connected to the vine, that is Jesus (see John 15), we can’t help but produce good fruit. Examples of this fruit include what is listed in Galatians 5:22-23: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

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Increase in the knowledge of God.

God is eternal and beyond anything our minds can fully understand. Yet He is knowable, and He longs for us to know Him. He delights in revealing Himself to us. He is so good and so vast that we will always have more of Him to discover. We do this through intentionally reading and studying the Bible, spending time with Him in prayer, engaging in fellowship with other believers, and participating in communities like this.

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About OneTen Ministries

What is OneTen Ministries?

OneTen Ministries is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry based on Colossians 1:10, in which the Apostle Paul explained the purpose for his prayers for the Colossian believers. This prayer forms the basis for our ministry activities, which are all geared toward helping Christians come to know, love, and follow Jesus as both Savior and Lord.

Why OneTen?

Our ministry charge comes from the biblical book of Colossians, chapter 1, verse 10 in which the Apostle Paul explained the purpose for his prayers for the Colossian believers. He prayed that they would:
  • Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord,

  • Be fully pleasing to God,

  • Bear fruit in every good work, and

  • Increase in the knowledge of God.

Tracy Hatch

A note from our founder, Tracy Hatch

Welcome Friends,

I’m so glad you’re here. I have been praying that we would find each other.

I have a passion that all people would come to know, love, and follow Jesus as both Savior and Lord. Accepting Jesus as Savior is a great step. I think this is where many believers stop, particularly in the west. Yet there is so much more depth and riches to the Christian life than most believers experience. As I walk this journey of faith I grow deeper in love with Jesus every day, and I see Him show up in my life in fun and exciting ways. So, I want to help other believers in Jesus experience the full and abundant life He promised (John 10:10) and follow Colossians 1:10 to:

  • Learn to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord (not by earning it but by trusting in the finished work of Jesus!),

  • Please God in every respect (through genuine faith and worship),

  • Bear fruit in every good work (by daily learning to rely on the Holy Spirit), and

  • Increase in the knowledge of God (through Bible study, prayer, and community).

You see I grew up believing I was a born-again Christian. I grew up in the Midwest of the United States, attended church regularly, and was active in Bible studies. I even attended a Christian college. As far back as I could remember, I loved Jesus deeply. Yet I couldn't shake the feeling that I was missing something.

Then, in August 2005, the most terrible, tragically beautiful thing happened...the Lord opened my eyes to the weight of my sin. All my life I knew I was a sinner and needed Jesus, but this night it was different. I realized in a profoundly terrifying way that even the seemingly smallest sin I ever committed separated me from God, because He is Holy. I knew I deserved eternal punishment for my sins and there was nothing that I could do about it. And in His grace, He let me sit in that mess for a while. I felt so helpless, so sinful, so undone.

Three days later, while on my face crying out to Him again for mercy, the words of Romans 8:1 went through my mind, "There is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus", and the burden was instantly lifted. I felt such freedom, joy, love, release. I felt clean. I will never forget that day nor the agonizing hours I spent aware of the punishment I deserved for my sins.

Since then, I have been on my own journey to know, love, and follow Jesus as Savior and Lord. I wish I could tell you that I've been a perfect example of faithfully following Jesus. I have made countless (and sometimes shocking) mistakes. I have learned much the hard way.

One thing I learned is that there is a difference in making Jesus your Savior and making Him your Lord. This truth has changed my life. In early 2022, I felt led to begin ministering women about forgiveness and other activities which ultimately became OneTen Ministries. I created OneTen Ministries so we could walk this road together and encourage each other on the way (Luke 24:13-15).

A little more about me...I love to write and speak and lead organizations to excellence. After 30-years of working in the public and private sectors, with the last 15-years in enviable c-suite positions, I decided to follow my own advice. In 2021, I traded my lucrative, high-stress, c-suite position for a much better pace as the executive director of a multi-campus church, where I could invest my time and experience to make an eternal impact. My husband and I have two precious canine fur-babies and live near Minnesota’s twin cities.

If you'd like to learn more about me, please visit TracyHatch.com.

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